About Us

Griffith Regional Theatre is located at the top of the main street of Griffith in Neville Place adjacent to the Council Chambers. The building was officially opened on 14 March 1987.

Griffith Regional Theatre is one of New South Wales premier performing arts venues. We provide world class performing arts and entertainment to the people of Griffith and surrounding regions. The theatre is a state of the art, modern facility, with a seating capacity of 520 which boasts outstanding staging, lighting and sound facilities following a major technical upgrade in 2005.

We offer a Season program each year to satisfy every artistic taste: drama, dance, music, comedy, cabaret, plus a young people's program.

The Theatre is available for hire and is used by conference organisers, touring performers, schools, local artists, dramarama, dance schools and amateur theatre groups.

The Theatre is a meeting place of community whether for Art and Culture, for meetings and conferences, or relaxation an private gatherings.


Griffith Regional Theatre is very conscious of its role within the broader community. From actively enticing works to the Theatre to enrich the cultural life of the community to dedicated programs aiding access, here is short summary of how the Theatre plays its role.


The Griffith Regional Theatre actively works to ensure a diverse and accessible program is available to the Griffithy Community and distreic. Over half the performances in the Theatre are by local groups. The Theatre also actively works with commercial hirers to ensure that work of substance comes to Griffith. If it were not for these efforts the cultural life of Griffith and areal would be dramatically reduced.


Griffith Regional Theatre hosts Daytime Melodies three times a year, these are specifically designed for the older patrons and specially the nursing homes giving their patients a opportunity to take a trip to the theatre.


Through our groups booking service we aim to assist teachers as much as possible with the organising of their school visit in order to expose students to valuable performing arts experiences. And of course the scheduling of school holiday entertainment extends these learning opportunities outside of school into an environment that parents and children can learn and be entertained together.